Netgear N600 reviewnetgear n600 review

In this, we will do Netgear N600 review with the help of good points and cons with technical features. Netgear N600 review is classified on the basis of technical performance and features with its usability. Let have a look on Netgear N600 review as mentioned below:


  1. The first point of Netgear N600 review includes that Netgear N600 comes with Netgear Genie app which gives you parental live control. Parental control has the features to empower the user to filter the content and data which enters the network also with the creation of the guest network.
  2. The another Netgear router N600 review states that Netgear has Wifi protected access with WPA and WPA2 and WEP security along with security from Dos attack
  3. Another feature of Netgear N600 under Netgear N600 review is that the Netgear N600 can work with operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux OS.
  4. Proceeding further with Netgear N600 review, another feature is that the Netgear N600 works on 802.11n Dual Band wireless technology
  5. Users can share and access USB storage with wireless connection with the feature of Readyshare USB feature
  6. While doing the Netgear N600 review we found that the Installation instructions are pretty easy as the installation instructions are pre-loaded in the router

Technical features:

  • Netgear N600 weighs almost 0.50 lb/0.23 kg
  • Physical dimensions of Netgear router includes 6.89 x 4.53 x 1.0 in (175 x 115 x 25 mm)
  • Netgear N600 works on dual-band, a wifi band which Simultaneous uses the dual-band 2.4GHz & 5GHz
  • Netgear N600 has 4 LAN Ports

Positives about Netgear N600

  1. If you purchase the Netgear N600 with the authorized dealer, the buyer will get 90-day protection for help, a dedicated customer care round the clock. Also, the product is protected by a one-year hardware warranty.
  2. With Netgear N600 you will get a Complete administrative control over the network and incoming traffic content
  3. Another Exclusive feature of Netgear N600 include the Readyshare USB storage sharing ability
  4. You will have the easy installation as  the Installation instructions are pretty easy as the installation instructions are pre-loaded in the router

Cons about Netgear N600

  • It is always good to keep the default version of firmware as if in case if you would try to upgrade then it could have a negative effect on the total functionality of the Netgear N600.
  • it doesn’t support Gigabit Ethernet, a lack that is only found in budget low-end routers.


A detailed review description of Netgear N600

Netgear N600 has the good performance and features which is equivalent to the high-end class routers. But also it is true that it doesn’t support Gigabit Ethernet, a lack that is only found in budget low-end routers. As this router is a dual-band performance which works well on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with excellent range, especially on the 2.4GHz band. If it is your need to look for an economical router with well round of the performance for your home, then Netgear N00 worth every penny.


Dimensions and configuration

It has a sleek black surface with a round big blue button adorn the device just in the right manner. Also, the eight LED lights give a representation of the directions in which the antennas are directed. As in comparison of the other Netgear routers, it also has the internal antenna design which makes it more compact and cleaner look if we compare it with other routers who have the external antennas.

The big blue button also acts as a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button. When in a moment you will press it, you will open a two-minute window which will let other WPS-enabled devices can enter the network. Netgear n600 consist of four LAN ports which act as a wired connection point along with a one WAN port which can be used to an Internet source such as a broadband modem. All of the four ports are 10/100Mbps Ethernet. Near the ports, you will find the Wi-Fi on/off switch and a USB 2.0 port to host an external hard drive for the router’s network storage feature.

In the front side of the Netgear router, there are LED lights which depict the status of the connection to the Internet, the USB port and network. Netgear N600 comes with an app Netgear Genie which makes the installation task easy as a cake. Genie app step by step instructions to setup is very clear and easy to follow.

Technical Features

Netgear N600 is a true dual-band router which works on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies in accordance with its dual-band nature. The 2.4GHz is the popular wireless band shared with other home devices such as cordless phones and Bluetooth headsets. Its dual-band nature supports and compatible with all existing network clients. It has the exclusive feature of turning on off any one of its wireless networks by using the router’s Web interface as it has two wireless networks. Turning on the guest network on this router comes handy in the moments when you want to offer free Internet access to guests while keeping them from accessing your local resources such as your printer or personal files. This is a great feature for a small space like a home or restaurant.

Netgear N600 comes with NAS feature Tha needs an external hard drive which works well with it but wish it could a bit faster. Hard drive with a format of NTFS and FAT32 file systems are compatible with Netgear N600. With this, you can plug in your current external hard drive with data without removing it and share it with the rest of the network. Its ReadyshareUSB feature let the router manages the storage. No additional software is required as Netgear N600 is compatible with  Windows’ SMB protocol, which let ant any computer in the network to have access to the storage via a network browser. In Finder, shares will automatically appear and it is compatible with Macs.

The user can restrict the storage to access to other unauthorized interruptions with a password. As you can set password bot for read-only access and another for reading/write access to a particular folder on the external hard drive. This works effectively to manage network storage.

The NAS feature of Netgear N600 can also handle the other functions like FTP and HTTP. The user can set up remote connections to access the data via the Internet. In order o use this feature you would require the dynamic DNS service, such as unless your connection to the Internet has a static IP address. With it traffic meer you can have control over the router’s bandwidth. But this feature also has some limitations like the Traffic Meter doesn’t offer the bandwidth control for individual computers. This means you can’t use it to restrict one individual from downloading too much.

With an included CD which consists of setup software of parental control, you can take benefit of the Live Parental Controls. When the setup is done you have the complete control over the router’s comprehensive Web-filtering function, from anywhere in the world, by logging in to Managing the router is pretty easy as the Netgear N600 is having the responsive Web interface. It has other features like Content Filtering, which lets you block specific Web sites or services, port forwarding, Quality of Service, and Universal Plug and Play. It has security features like any other router WEP, WPA, and WPA2.


Netgear N600 outwork and performance

Netgear N600 offers a good performance with some improvement needed for its network storage throughput speed. True to its dual-band nature, Netgear N600 works well on both the frequencies. In a range test, in which the router was placed 100 feet away from the client, it again did impressively at 59.8Mbps on the 5GHz band, topping the charts. On the 2.4GHz band, it did slightly worse at 37.1Mbps, getting third place on our charts.

Netgear N600 wireless dual band router is a compatible dual-band router which offers fast wireless performance and long range. Netgear N600 exclusive and much-needed features include the Guest zone, network storage, traffic meter, and USB external hard-drive support for network storage. Also, it’s aesthetically pleasing and affordable and comes with an intuitive Web interface at an affordable price.


Netgear N600 is an Alpha router as compared to the other routers in the market of the same range and features. Its strengths lie in its ease of use with sleek design and internal antennas, security features WEP, WPA, and WPA2. and the various options that give the user complete administrative control over features like Parental control, creating guest networks, thus allowing the users to set the settings to their own personal tastes. It’s the high quality of service especially in the Wi-Fi performance, true Band and Range ensure that it would be highly sought by gamers for streaming and online play. The price is satisfactory especially when one considers the features offered. Netgear N600 router would stand out in the market for its exclusive features like parental control, true dual-band nature, and range with easy installation guide with creating the guest networks and stay out of the junkyard for a long time.


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