Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup

Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup

Netgear extender Ex3700 Ac750 is basically used to extend the already existing wifi network. When using with the router, there are some areas of the surrounding which have the router’s wifi signal but with poor signal strength; here the extender comes handy. Netgear Extender Ex3700 AC750 can be set up with WPS or web interface. Both of these methods to do the setup are explained as hereunder:

1.Netgear Extender Ex3700 Ac750 setup with WPS

When we are doing the Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup WPS( Wi-Fi Protected Setup) which works for you when you are not using WEP security type and lets you join a secure WiFi network without typing the network name and password. In case you are using the WEP network security then please follow the instructions of Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup with the web browser

  • Locate the WPS button situated on the side of the extender. After doing so you will see that the WPS LED lights start blinking. Now after a couple of minutes press the WPS button of your wifi router. When the WPS LED lights on your extender along with your router turns solid green indicates that the extender connects to your existing WiFi network.

Note: If the Router Link LED does not light, try again. If it still does not light, try Connecting with Web Browser Setup

  • Now in case if your router is compatible with 5 GHz band, please repeat the above step to connect the extender to the 5 GHz band.
  • As the extender is connected existing wifi network, hence it has created extended WiFi networks. The extender’s new WiFi network names are based on your existing WiFi network name, with _EXT at the end of the name. Test the network with other wifi devices or computer. you need to use the same wifi password which you use for your router to connect the device with the extended network.
  • Now power off the extender and the extender is ready to be placed on a new location. Please make sure that the location you choose for your extender need to be within the range of your existing WiFi router network.
  • After choosing the location plug the extender into the power socket to powered on, the power LED of extender will light on amber and then will turn green which indicates that the extender is fully powered on. Note: If the Power LED does not light, press the Power On/Off button on the side of the extender.

2.Netgear Extender Ex3700 Ac750 setup with the web browser

  • in the first step of doing the connection, open your computer or any wifi device. Note: this will work if you are using WEP network security type. After opening the computer or wifi device find and connect to the extender WiFi network NETGEAR_EXT. Check if the connection is being established. You can verify this when the Device Link LED lights.
  • In the second step open the web browser on your device. Now enter the web address: You will see a screen will open with asking to select details. Follow the onscreen instructions. In last you will find the New Extender Setup screen displays. Click on the option NEW EXTENDER SETUP button. If it is the first time you are login into your extender then the screen will display name as the Create Account screen, asking you to enter the details to create the account. Now visit
  • Complete the details as required. and click on next button. When prompted, select your country or region from the Regional Settings
    menu and click the NEXT button. After doing so a pop up will open, click on wifi range extender option. After this, your extender will scans for WiFi networks in your area and displays a list. Now do the selection of the wifi network which you want to extend and after doing so, click on next button. As it is the dual-band so have the choice to extend both of the band 2.4 GHz WiFi Networks/5 GHz WiFi Networks or either of them. In case if you do not want to extend both WiFi bands, clear the 2.4 GHz WiFi Networks or the 5 GHz WiFi Networks check box.
  • In the password field (Network Key) type the existing network password which you use for your router and click on the next option. Now after this, Use a WiFi network manager on the computer or WiFi device to connect to the new extended WiFi network. You need to repeat this process for all of your computer and other wifi devices which you want to connect with the extended wifi network. After finishing this, Click the CONTINUE button.
  • After the successful completion of all these steps, a message will display confirming that the extender is connected to the new extended WiFi network. Click on next option. After completion of registration, click on FINISH to complete the setup. Now your extender is ready to be moved into a new location. Move it to other location with poor wifi signal but within the reach of your router. Plug the extender into an electrical outlet.
  • Now, wait for few seconds till Power LED to light amber and then turn green. In case Power LED does not light, press the Power On/Off. Use the Router Link LED to help you choose a spot where the extender-to-router connection is optimal. The extender connects to your existing router’s WiFi network.

Reset Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750

You can Reset Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 with two methods. The first method to Reset Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 is to do reset by pressing the Factory reset button and other is to do reset with the web user interface also called GUI. Both of them to do Reset Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 is explained as under:

Reset Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 with the factory reset button

  • After locating the reset button on Netgear extender which usually on the bottom of the extender, find a pen or paper clip to press the button securely.
  • Now use that paper clip or pen to press the factory reset button of the extender. Press and hold the factory reset button for a minimum period of five minutes. Hold the reset button with paper clip or pen till the time Device to Extender LED light blinks amber in color.
  • When the extender LED light blinks amber color then release the Factory Reset button and wait for the extender to reboot.
  • When your extender is rebooted, the extender will be back to its factory default settings.

Reset Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 with the web GUI

  • Use a device/computer which is already connected to the extender with a wired or wireless network connection. You can also check if the device or computer is already connected to the extender when Extender LED   lights solid green
  • Now open a browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome of your choice on your device. After opening the web browser please visit
  • After opening the above-mentioned URL, there will be several fields and follow the on-screen instructions. After that on the login page, type your Email and Password and click Log In.
  • When the login credentials are passed, the Netgear Genie page will be displayed. On the Netgear Genie page please click Settings then Other Settings.
  • After this click on the Reset option and hit yes to move further. Now, wait for a couple of minutes to the web user interface to finish resetting the device to factory default settings.

Netgear Extender Factory default settings explained

When the extender turns back to its factory default settings the smart setup is enabled with wifi communication. Whereas the default wifi network name is NETGEAR_EXT. Also, the security is disabled whereas underDHCP setting the client is enabled. This can be further understood by the following table:

Netgear factory default settings


After Factory reset here are the instructions to install the Netgear Extender Ex3700 AC750

  • in the first step of doing Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup, Place the extender close to the Wi-Fi router.
  • In the second step of Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup, when you are finished connecting the Wi-Fi router, you can place the extender at its permanent location.
  • In the third step of Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup, Plug the extender into an electrical outlet.

 Note: Make sure that your computer is not connected to a Wi-Fi network or Ethernet network. If the computer is already connected to a Wi-Fi network or Ethernet network, you might not be able to connect to the extender.

  • In the last step of doing the Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup, Connect your computer to the extender with an Ethernet cable and see your extender light must be in green. Go to, and enter admin for the user name and password for the password.

Above mentioned steps for Netgear extender Ex3700 AC750 setup, are quick and easy, for a detailed guide/step by step guide to do the Netgear Netgear EX2700 N300 setup please visit

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