Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 review

First positive under Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 review is that this range extender has five Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections. comes with 90 days of technical support and counted as a best desktop wifi range extender in the market so far. Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 review

Moving forward to another dynamics of the product under Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 review is that this range extender has striking looks features, with the red and black color scheme and triangular ventilation holes add to its punk rock look. On the other hand where other wifi range extenders come with standard sleek and white color. Not only this Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 looks rock, but also versatile on the design part.  with its beautiful design, It stands vertically or horizontally, it has posable antennas and its Gigabit Ethernet ports makes it capable of to maintain up to five wired connections or work as a wired access point.

Now under Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 review, for its performance where other wifi range extenders available in the market (top performers) scores under three categories, where top performers such as TP link wall plug scores 90-100 percent, with that this Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 cores somewhat in middle. For example, The EX6200 scored highest on the easiest test and lowest on a test where the router and test user laptop were on different floors, with several walls between them. If you need to get Wi-Fi to a distant corner of your house with a lot of obstructions between it and the router, consider the TP-Link RE450 instead. If you need a device to boost your signal a little further down a hallway to connect to your desktop, then we recommend the EX6200.

its design which makes it a desktop wifi range extender gives it edges when we compare this range booster with other wall-plug style extenders. This extender is a desktop extender which makes it flexibility where other wall mounted extender’s installation is limited tot he helps it with places where wall plugs are there. This range extender can be placed horizontally or vertically which help it with range extension.

Whereas other wall plug range extenders come with one ethernet port, but this range extender has five Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections which is a plus feature for your Ethernet-only devices. Not only it is great for Ethernet-only devices and for using the EX6200 as a wired access point.

The only negative about Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 is that this extender although comes with a one-year warranty but covered for only 90 days for tech support by Netgear tech support. Aside from the warranty, Netgear Ex6200 AC1200  is an overall nice extender which works well for boosting your Wi-Fi signal range when there aren’t too many physical obstructions. Its flexible installation options and five Gigabit Ethernet ports make it a great choice to use for wired connections or as an access point.

Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender is one of the foremost wifi boosters that can expand the range of Wi-Fi signals for your home network so that you can enjoy high-speed internet. if you are using Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender then you have to configure lots of settings and features of your extender which will offer you broad variety of range extenders in which you can choose your own extender that will be reliable for your home and office usage
Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender is mainly used for quick download and internet gaming it also provides a very good feature in which you can use to your Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender comes with some default settings and security settings tool that you can access by logging into wifi range extender setup Wi-Fi extenders work by placing them in areas where the Wi-Fi network starts to break down. They connect to the original network, the extent the signal so that you have more wireless coverage we work in a global environment where communication through emails with the use of the internet is the very common and vital part of our work. So people want high-quality router like Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender as it connects your device to the internet with high speed.

The best Wi-Fi extenders on this list are worth considering for anyone who lives or works in a large building, as you’ll find that your Wi-Fi network can get weak –or disappear entirely – in the furthest reaches of the building.
Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender ensures the fast connection speeds whilst providing backward compatibility with older wireless devices in your network, allowing you to enjoy a reliable wireless connection  Alternatively, use the built-in Ethernet port to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot in hotel rooms with wired Internet access whether you are away on holiday or business. You can also add Wi-Fi connectivity to computers, smart TVs and games consoles with Ethernet ports.
The visual signal indicator LED makes it easy to find suitable placement location Its space-saving wall-plug design easily saves you the hassle of dealing with a power adapter and cable. The discreet and unobtrusive appearance blends easily into the decor of your home or office Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender is a convenient, discreet and easy to install the device. It boost your WiFi for your mobile devices but it can also be connected to a wired device such as Smart TV or game consoles. It is an ideal tool to eliminate the dead spaces where your standard router losses the Wi-Fi signal.

The setup process for Netgear Ex6200 AC1200

  • Firstly, connect to your pc and that goes to the home wireless network after connecting to the range extender wifi network you need to access web address to by launching the web browser at your pc
  • After then you need to login to you can use the default login details for access to install Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender setup
  • After successful login for your Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender setup page in order to follow instructions to set up your device
  • Now, go to setup option and select wireless setup where you can change existing SSID for your Wi-Fi network
  • After that select Security settings, many of security options will available in the given list so you can easily change the settings that you want to change.
  • After completing the security options click Apply option to save all the settings

Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 setup with WPS

You need to connect your wifi range extender together using the ethernet cable or wirelessly so that you can manage the basic and advanced settings to n300 wifi range extender WPS or wifi protected is used so that you can manage the connections between your Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender you can use WPSconfigurations only if your router and wifi extender both support their configurations

Here are some steps to follow:

  • Make sure that your Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender and router are places at some tables after that plugged into the power source outlet and wait for few seconds
  • After that press WPS button located at the wifi range extender and wait for few seconds until the LED is not turned into solid green
  • Again after few seconds hold the WPS button at your router side and wait till the WPS status for your router doesn’t blink for few seconds after that repeat all the steps until the settings are not properly gets completed

This piece of equipment is a kind of wireless repeater which is basically used to expand the range of a wireless LAN you will find this device located between the base of a router or the access point n300 wifi range extender picks up the signal and redelivers it This problem is quite common with range extenders since it is a technological device and it is bound to have errors at the end of the day When it stops working, it could be because of not configuring the wireless router to the extender or failure in installing the Netgear Ex6200 AC1200 wifi range extender  connect setup 

Here are some important steps to troubleshoot n300 wifi range extender setup are as follows:

Firstly plug then300 wifi range extender to an outlet and disconnect all the cables that are attached to it

  • After that Take the help of a tiny pin to press the reset button which is located at the back of the device and keep pressing it for around 10-20 seconds and Finally, let go of the button and restart the device.

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