Netgear Ac1200 setup

For a quick setup guide please visit: Here is the step by step guide to Netgear AC1200 setup as mentioned below:

Netgear AC1200 setup

Step 1: Positioning Netgear AC1200Netgear AC1200 setup2

In the first step of doing the Netgear AC1200 setup, first of all, position the antennas of the Netgear AC 1200. Please position the antennas of the Netgear AC1200 as shown in the picture for the best wifi performance.


Step2: Plug in the router and Netgear AC1200

In the second step of the Netgear AC1200 setup, first of all, unplug the modem. Please check if your modem has the battery backup. If in case it has one, then please remove and replace the battery backup the modem uses. After disconnecting the power backup from the modem, plug the modem back to the power outlet. On your router there is the blue port, after identifying the port please connect the modem tot he router’s internet port(blue color).  To connect the router with the modem, you can use the ethernet cable. Now after this, connect the router with the power outlet. When your router is ready there will green lights will flash of the power in the router.


Step 3: connecting the Netgear AC1200 with Network

When your route is ready, please check f the Router’s wifi lights are lit properly. Now check for the router’s network name and password. For the same, please check on the router’s WiFi LED is lit. Look on the router label for the preassigned WiFi network name also called SSID and network key also is known password.

After this, in any device which is wifi enabled or any computer, open the  WiFi connection manager. After opening the wifi connection manager, please check for the router’s WiFi network name also called SSID and network key also is known password. Now open the web browser, open the web address: 

After opening the above web link, there will relevant fields will be shown, please follow the onscreen instructions and when login window displays, enter admin for the user name and password for the password. Now Follow the onscreen instructions. Now after this, please check if the router’s internet LED lights turn green which indicates that the router is connected to the internet.

Further useful information in Netgear AC1200 setup

How the reset/reboot button works of the Netgear AC1200

It all depends on the duration on which the reset/ reboot button is pressed for. Reset button works to reboot the router, connecting the WPS enabled devices or to reset the router to its factory default settings. Here are all specified:

To reboot the router: In order to reboot the router, please press the button for less than  5 seconds to reboot the router.

To connect the WPS enabled devices: If you want to use the function of connecting the WPS enabled devices, then please the button for about 5 to 10 seconds till the time the WiFi LED blinks amber.

To reset the router to factory default settings: Under some circumstances, we have to restore the router to its factory default settings, to do so please press the button for more than 10 seconds until all the LEDs blink green.

Troubleshooting Netgear AC1200

  • First, turn off the wireless function/wifi and then connect the computer with the router using an ethernet cable. After this please reboot the router. To reboot the router, please press the button for less than  5 seconds to reboot the router. After this check for the internet connection.
  • If this does not work and there is no internet connection then again reboot the router and also the modem. You also have the choice to reboot the modem directly if the modem is connected with the computer instead of the router. Also, try to reboot the router to restore the router to its factory default settings.
  • For detailed information regarding Netgear router’s troubleshooting please visit:

How to Download Netgear Genie APP

You can perform multiple tasks with Netgear Genie, with naming the few like managing, monitoring, and repairing your home network or simply automatically repairing common wireless network problems, monitor, connect, and control your home network from a Windows or Mac computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need to do is to download the Netgear Genie pp, for the same here are steps mentioned to download and operate Netgear Genie:

  • The first step to proceed further with Netgear Genie user manual is to download the free app Netgear genie from the website. There find the Download button and then Click the Download Now button. When the downloading will finish then install NETGEAR Genie, it starts automatically. If in case you want to use it after some time or you want to use NETGEAR Genie later, click the icon on your desktop or in the Windows taskbar. Also, you have the choice to restart the Netgear Genie app, all you have to do is to you can right-click the icon, select Settings, then clear the Enable Autostart check box.

Netgear Genie setup with a router

  • In the first step connect the computer to your NETGEAR router either with Ethernet cable (wired) or you can also connect it with wirelessness. After doing this select the NETGEAR Genie icon on your desktop. The NETGEAR Genie screen will display.

Netgear Genie Home screen

  • When you see the dashboard it would have a set of information including your Internet connection and network, router setting, Network map, parental control, Readyshare. When you see the left menu it has detailed information about Internet and Monitor and repair Internet connectivity issues, for both wired and wireless connections. Another set of information included is WiFi Connection,  View or change the wireless settings for your router.
  • With other options like  Router Settings, Log in to your router to view or change its settings. Also, about  Network map and View network devices connected to your network. And Parental Controls, Manage parental controls to protect devices in your network from inappropriate contents. The set of information includes is ReadySHARE also you find that If you connected a USB storage device to the USB port on the router, then you can access its contents.

Support FAQs are available on the PC without an Internet connection. You can get answers to common router issues here. There are some simple network tools are available to help you debug the network as well.

Netgear Genie setup

In order to have access to some NETGEAR Genie features, you will have to log in to your router.

  • Go into the router settings, this option situated at the left side of the window pane in the fourth option. Here Log In to the Router
    To access some NETGEAR Genie features, you have to log in to your router. Here Enter admin for the username and password
    for the router password, both in lowercase letters. The router username and password are case-sensitive. The username and password are different from the username and password you might get from your Internet service provider.
  • To modify router settings, Select Router Settings and then Enter admin for the username. For the router password, enter a password
    if you did not change it, or enter the password that you set up. Please remember that the router username and password are case-sensitive.
  • A new screen will show up, summing up the information like Wireless Settings, ReadySHARE, Guest Access, Traffic Meter, Router Update

getting familiar with Netgear Genie

  • In the Internet feature, you can fix your internet connection easily. If your Internet connection is not working, the Internet pane on the Home screen is red then you select Internet, NETGEAR Genie tries to detect the problem
  • Section of Wifi connection lets you have a glimpse on wireless networks in your area, and to select and join a wireless network. Also, have a view Wi-Fi channel in use in your area, and view information about guest access to your network if your router supports a guest network.
  • Another section of wifi channel your network will be always highlighted as in blue color. There you will find that the yellow shows other networks in your area. In many wireless networks at your location using the same channel as your wireless network, you might
    experience interference. You can change the wireless channel of your network here. Note that many countries and geographic locations have laws or guidelines about which channels can be used. Depending on your location, some channels might not be available.

Wireless settings

Another feature allows you to view and change wireless settings. The option named as Wireless settings you can View the current basic wireless settings for your router, including the wireless name (SSID), the channel selection, and the password if your network uses wireless security.

Modify wireless settings

To do the wireless settings modifications Select Router Settings and then Wireless Settings, and click Modify. When a new screen opens up then do the modifications as required and then click Apply so that they take effect. If you are wirelessly connected to the router, you will lose your wireless connection.

Export router’s wireless settings

In this option, You can use the Wireless Export Wizard to export the router’s wireless settings to a USB device such as a flash drive. Then you can connect the USB device to another computer so it easily connects wirelessly to your home network. in order to export your wireless settings, select Router Settings > Wireless Settings, and click Export. After doing so please Click Next, and follow the wizard steps to export your wireless settings to a USB storage device. To have detailed information regarding Netgear Genie Manual please visit:

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